Darkness rozpuštěna

Před pár hodinami aliance Darkness, lidr DeadCo. koalice, která čelila v regionech Venal, Tenal, Branch a Deklein koordinovaným útokům Test Alliance please ignore, Pandemic Horde, Northern Coalition. a Fraternity ohlásila interně zánik z důvodu nemožnosti čelit dalším výpadům těchto aliancí.

Discord NC.

@ everyone Since we began this deployment in September, You have fought in 3 regions, across all timezones and we have accomplished a ton. I have the esteemed pleasure to inform you that the alliance “Darkness” will be disbanding. While this wasn’t the plan of our deployment the result is the same. On behalf of the FC team we are immensely proud of everyone who fought through the long hours, alarm clock ops, and fierce resistance in Tenal. To my timezone, ya’ll are the best I am proud to lead you. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE GOT HIM. Sent by [–SIN] Blazingbunny


Člen korporace Militaris Industries v alianci Northern Coalition. Provozovatel Capsuleer.cz