Vánoční Příměří

Stejně jako v mnoha konfliktech a válkách v reálném životě, se i účastníci tak zvané World War Bee 2 ve světě EVE Online, dohodli na příměří v době vánočních svátků, aby mohli svůj volný čas trávit s rodinami a přáteli. S tímto prohlášením přišel Sky Marshal Impéria Asher Elias. Postupně se připojili i zástupci ostatních zůčastněných aliancí. Za TEST alliance please ignore to byl Vily, za The Initiative Pando, za Pandemic Horde Gobbins a za Brave Collective Dunk Dinkle  


directorbot: I’ll be sending out reminders a few times as the days come up but I want all of us, including our solo hackers and people reinforcing citadels to stop setting timers on the December 22nd and 23th. Those timers will come out Dec 24rd and Dec 25th and we will not be following up on them. The vast majority of Eve players celebrate Christmas so we will be taking the 24th and 25th off from serious action.

TL;DR set no timers Dec 22 and 23.


Dunk Dinkle @channel Good morning/afternoon/evening party people & otherkin,

Brave will be participating in the Christmas Pause in hostile timers. Make no new hostile timers that will land on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (December 24th & 25th).

We will defend as needed on defensive timers.

This has been a rough year for all humans and some low stress time is a good thing.

Be kind and call your loved ones, they miss you.


Generalized update regarding the Christmas Season.

Come the 22nd – 25th of December no timers should be being created. Don’t entosis and don’t bash. This will allow for us and even our enemies to hopefully enjoy the Christmas season as people and not eve players.
As usual we will continue to defend the ground we hold and finish up any final timers that fall within the window. I expect hostiles to make plays through their intermediaries like bastion and the Russians but regardless our stance is above.



Pandoralica @everyone

As we are getting very close to Christmas I just wanted to make sure that nobody here creates timers that would come out on the 24th or 25th. Goons already pinged it out and I think even the bad guys followed up with a similar ping so I hope everyone can just enjoy a few happy days with their families without any worry about spaceships.


Hi friends

As we enter the holidays I wanted to wish everyone reading this a very merry Christmas and happy holiday season from the directorate and DEF command team. I hope you’re all happy and healthy. It’s been a fun deployment so far, and as we’re now just a week out from December 25, I wanted to give you all a quick update as to how we’d like to proceed this week:

In the spirit of the holidays, we’d like to avoid making any offensive timers than land upon December 24th or 25th, which means nobody should be creating any fresh offensive timers on either December 22 or 23rd. PvP is the ethos of the alliance, and we still encourage you to go out and explode ships, but nobody should be reinforcing any hostile sovereignty or structures on the 22 or 23rd.

Stay safe out there.

Aliance Pandemic Legion ani aliance Northern Coalition. se k tomuto vánočnímu smíru veřejně nevyjádřily. Na discordu NCdot se objevil jen ping, vztahující se k další operaci v Delve s datem 23 prosince, kde je zmíněn čas vánoc a to, že je to na určitý čas poslední operace-

[N8RTH] Vince Draken: @everyone Right then chuckle fucks. We have ONE last rodeo before Christmas and that is for this op. During this op we will KILL the NOL Keepstar. Please do what you can to join and make this your last before Christmas. Once this is dead we will be standing down over the Christmas period other than defending what we own/hold now. See you at the op!

Keepstar v NOL-M9 byl zničen ráno 23. prosince ve 4 hodiny našeho času (3:53) a je patrně poslední větší akcí na příštích pár dnů.


Člen korporace Militaris Industries v alianci Northern Coalition. Provozovatel Capsuleer.cz